Veggie: $12.99 

Chicken: $13.99

Lamb: $14.99

Beef: $14.99

Fish: $13.99

Prawns: $16.99


Tikka Masala: $14.99

Curry specialties-A traditional brown curry prepared with tomatoes, onions, and fresh herbs. 

Coconut curry-Rich curry cooked with coconut, ginger, garlic, and our special blend of spices. 

Mango curry-Tender pieces of meat or vegetables sauteed with major grey mango chutney and a touch of cream. 

Jalfrazie-Boneless meat or vegetables stir-fried in brown curry with bell peppers, garlic, ginger, and tomatoes. 

Karai-cooked in a traditional Indian sauce with onions tomatoes, fenugreek leaves, fresh ginger, and garlic. 

Biryani-A classi mughali dish of basmati rice cooked with curry, raisins, cashew nuts, saffron, with raita as well 

Korma-prepared with exotic spices, herbs, and a cream based sauce with almonds. 

Tikka masala-Deliciously smooth butter, tomatoe and cream sauce, spiced with ginger and garlic. 

Chilli masala-originally from the city of madras, cooked in a sauce of tomatoes, roasted dry chillies, browned garlic, cumin, and other authentic spices. 

Palak masala-cream of spinach simmered with onions and spices. 

Okra masala-okra cooked with sauteed onion, tomatoes special herbs, and spices. 

Channa masala-chickpeas cooked over a slow fire blended with spices and tomatoes 

Mutter masala-fresh green peas cooked in a golden curry sauce 

Dal maharani-creamed lentils cooked with select herbs and spices. 

Aloo gobi-potatoes and cauliflower sauteed with onions and fresh herbs 

Baighan Bhartha
-Eggplant baked, and cooked with onions, tomatoes, and spices. 

Malai Kofta-Mixed vegetables and fresh cheese balls mixed in a butter sauce 

Shahi Paneer-Minced paneer with onions and tomatoes. 

Meatballs-homestyle meatballs in our masala sauce, with tomato garlic and curry. 

Vindaloo-zesty curry cooked in a tangy sauce of cooking vinegar, ginger, and potatoes. 

Pakora kadhi-Vegetable fitters with kadhi sauce!

Soups and Salads. 

House salad-fresh garden greens, tomatoes, olives, carrots, and bell peppers, mushrooms, and cucumbers. -*$6.99*

Mulligatawney soup- A rich chicken lentil and rice soup, flavored with Indian spices and finished with a hint of lemon. -*$6.50*

Muglai Tomato/spinach soup a rich curried tomato and spinach soup spiced with cumin and curry leaves.-$6.50 

Mediterranean salad-fresh garden salad made with lettuce tomatoe, bell peppers, mushrooms, and cucumbers.-$6.99 

Dal soup-lentil cooked in vegetable sauce.-$5.95 

Chicken Salad- Tandoori chicken salad with homemade tangy dressing.-*$8.99*

Greek salad-Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives and feta cheese.-$6.99 

Gyro salad-roasted gyro meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, feta cheese topped with tztatziki sauce.-$7.99 

Taboulle salad- chopped parsley, mint, chrushed wheat, tomatoes, onions, lemon juice, and olive oil.-*7.99


Veggie samosas- two crispy pastries filled with veggies.*$5.99* 

Lamb samosas-two crispy pastries filled with lamb.*$6.99* 

Mussels-fresh mussels in a garlic curry sauce.-*$7.99* 

Veggie pakora-delicately spiced vegetable fritters lightly battered in chickpea flower.-*$6.99* 

Paneer pakora-delicately spiced cheese fritters lightly battered in chickpea flower.-*$7.99* 

Cauliflower and potato pakora-Delicately spiced fritters lightly battered in chickpea flower.--*$6.99

Chicken Pakora-Delicately spiced chicken fritters lightly battered in chickpea flower.-*$8.99*

Fish pakora-Delicately spiced fish fritters lightly battered in chickpea flower*-*$8.99*

Onion pakora-Delicately spiced onion fritters lightly battered in chickpea flower.-*$5.50* 

Calamari-Fried squid in our special batter.-*$8.99* 

Fish tika kebabs- Juicy pieces of fresh cod marinated with spice and roasted in the tandoor oven.-*$8.99* 

Vegetable cutlets- Some vegetables herbs and spices formed into patties.*$6.99* 

Tandoori delight-A selection of chicken pakora, chicken tikka and beef-*$11.95* 

Vegetable delight-A selection of vegetable samosa, vegetable pakora, and paneer pakora, along with a vegetable cutlet.*$9.99* 

Baba ghanoj-eggplant cooked on an open fire, and mixed with tahini sauce, along wth our own special dressing.-*$6.50* 

 Hummus bi tahini-Original middle eastern dip of garbanzo beans, tahini sauce, and a special dressing, served with pita bread.-*$6.50*  

Stuffed green leaves-vegetarian dolmas, stuffed with rice and parsley, cooked in lemon juice and olive oil, and served with tzatziki sauce.-*$6.50*

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