Chai/iced chai-An ancient tea of India made from black tea milk cardamon, cloves, fennel, and sugar-$2.99

Mango lemonade-Traditional lemonade with mango-*$2.99*

Passion fruit Juice-*$2.99*

Plain lassi- made with homemade yogurt, milk, and rosewater.-$2.99

Mango lassi-Drink made with mango, homemade yogurt, milk, and rosewater.-*$4.99*


Mango juice-*$2.99*

Bottled Water: *$1.99*

*Sweet Mango chutney/Mango pickle-$3.99

*Chopped Onions and chilies-$1.99



*Rice half order-*$4.00*

*Rice full order-*$6.00*

*sauteed Vegetables: lightly seasoned fresh vegetables half order- *$4.99*

full order-*$6.99*

Side order



A delicious Middle Eastern Pastry made up of nuts baked between layers of thin dough and steeped in syrup

*Gulab jamun-*$6.99*

An Indian delicacy made from milk, dough fried until golden brown, and served in a honey and saffron syrup.


Traditional Indian rice pudding cooked with nuts and cardamom

*Coconut Almond Ice cream-*$6.99*

*Mango pistachio Ice cream-*$6.99*


Delicate homemade cheese patties served in an almond sweetened milk and cardamom sauce. 

Moghul Palace