M o g h u l P a l a c e

P a k i s t a n i a n d I n d i a n C u i s i n e 

Our Story

If you were to ask Moghul Palace owner Alam Malik how his restaurant business is fairing these days, he would tell you he's blessed.

"I have a wonderful wife, three great boys, good business and customers who are like my family," Malik said, "I am very blessed these days."

After being absent on the restaurant scene for nearly a year, Malik's well-known Indian cuisine restaurant has set up shop just off the corner of Northeast Eighth Street and 120th Avenue Northeast. When he was made to close the doors at his restaurants prior location near downtown Bellevue, Malik scrambled to find a good fit for a new location.

"When the restaurant closed we had to sell everything and start from scratch," Malik said. "It was difficult during the past several months but we have finally found a good spot and opened our doors to the community again."

Malik relies heavily on word of mouth for his customer base.

"We have so many loyal customers who have been coming here for years," he explained. "They are like family to me."

Among his regular customers, Malik saves a special seat for when Bill Gates stops by for a bite to eat.

"He has said many times that this is one of his favorite places to eat here in Bellevue," Malik said. "We are always honored when he stops by."

Moghul Palace was established in 1994 and serves indian-style food, integrating flavor rather than heat. According to Malik, who's wife can often be found preparing the dishes in the back kitchen, organic spices are at the core of every homemade dish they serve. Many of the dishes are prepared using family recipes with rich history and true authentic taste.

"My wife is my partner, my love and my rock," he said, adding, "This wouldn't have been possible without her. She is truly amazing."

Moghul Palace offers HALAL and Kosher Food geared towards the Muslim and Jewish community as well as a wide selection of international food. Some of the most popular dishes among regulars include the Tikka Masala Chicken, Tandoori specialities and the homemade meatballs marinated in a Masala sauce. Lunch is served in a buffet style setting for $9.95, including 20 dishes made fresh daily. Dinner is served family style and reservations for large parties are available.

"I think business will pick up once people realize we have moved to a new location," he said. "We still offer the same great service, friendly staff, good prices and of course our famous meatballs."

Moghul Palace Indian Cuisine is located at 677 120th avenue NE #7A in Bellevue near Starbucks.