Falafel plate-A mixture of fava beans, chickpeas ,parseley and imported spices, garnished with cucumbers, tomatoes, and tahini sauce, served with pita bread.-*$11.99* 

Combination plate-customer's favorite! Hummus, baba ghannoj, and falafel, served on a bed of lettuce, and pita bread-*$11.99* 

Gyro plate-strips of marinated beef, sauteed with onions to taste, gyros are served on a bed of hummus and lettuce-*$12.99* 

Shish taok-cubed chicken marinated in garlic, saffron, and other Middle Eastern spices. Served on a bed of fresh rice and vegetables.-$15.95 

Shish Kebob-tender fillet of lamb or beef kebobs marinated in a special sauce, skewered, with onions and tomatoes.-$15.99 

Mughal palace's delight-combination of shish kebob, beef kebob, shish taok, prawns and grape leaves, served on a bed of rice and veggies.-$17.95 

Gyro sandwhich-roasted beef and lamb mix, lettuce tomatoes, onions and tzatziki sauce. 


Shawerma Sandwhich-chicken wrapped in a grilled pita bread.-*$12.99*



Tandoori Specialites 

Tandoori chicken-juicy spring chicken marinated in flavorful, mildly fresh ground spices, served with sliced onions and lemons 

Chicken tikka-boneless pieces of meat rubbed with Indian herbs and spices, served with sliced onions and lemons. 

Lamb tikka-boneless pieces of meat rubbed with Indian herbs and spices, served with sliced onions and lemons. 

Lamb seekh kebob- ground meat with onions and fresh herbs. 

Beef seekh kebob-ground meat with onions and fresh herbs 

Chicken Seekh Kebob-ground meat with onions and fresh herbs 

Tandoori Halibut-Fresh marinated pieces of halibut cooked in the tandoor.-*$19.99* 

Tandoori salmon
-Savor marinated salmon with saffron, garlic and ginger, and a special blend of spices roasted in the tandoor-*$18.99* 

Tandoori prawns-Jumbo prawns marinated in a special combination of herbs and spices. Served with sliced onions and lemon. 

Tandoori mix-An assortment of tandoori specialites, chicken, lamb, beef, and fish. Served with sliced onions and lemon.-$18.99 

Reshami kebob-Boneless chicken meat in cashew marinate

Roti-Unleavened whole wheat bread cooked in a clay oven.-$2.99 

Onion Kulcha-leavened bread stuffed with onions-$3.25 

Spinach nan-Leavened bread stuffed with spinach-$3.25 

Aloo paratha-unleavened whole wheat bread stuffed with potatoes.-$3.25 

Cheese nan-Leavened bread stuffed with cheese-$4.99

Keema nan-leavened bread stuffed with ground beef, ginger, onions, and a touch of cumin.-$5.99

Garlic nan-leavened bread stuffed with garlic.-$3.99 

Vegetable nan-Leavened white bread stuffed with vegetables and herbs-$3.99 

Plain paratha-Unleavened  white bread stuffed with whole wheat bread and herbs-$2.99 

Mint nan-leavened bread stuffed with famous mint and spices-$4.99 

Spinach and paneer nan-Leavened bread stuffed with seasoned spinach, and homemade Indian Cheese-$4.99 

Peshawari nan-leavened bread stuffed with raisins and cashew nuts-$4.99 

Plain nan-$2.99


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Tandoori specialities

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